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MySpace and DOPA August 22, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Techie Stuff.

Related to the topic for this week’s Saint Louis Saturdays:

Libraries using MySpace:
By David Lee King
By Helene Blowers
A DOPA pbwiki
Library 2.0 Gang discusses DOPA



1. DrumPhil - August 23, 2006

Would you be willing to also post the actual article(s) for St. Louis Saturdays? This would be a great forum to discuss those if we cannot make it on Saturday, or to continue the discussion after Saturday.

2. L Wolfe - August 23, 2006

Good idea! One article can be linked. The other would have to just be listed, since it is available on Academic Search Premier (and I don’t know how to do a proxied-perma-link-whatever thing and/or don’t have the power to do so anyway through Ellis).

3. Shannon Delaware - August 24, 2006

Thanks for advertising Saint Louis Saturday. I look forward to reading the discussion, and could maybe post some comments from discussion on Saturday.

4. L Wolfe - August 24, 2006

That’s a great idea- please post!

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