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Posting and Commenting August 22, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Blog stuff.

This is a new experience for me since I have not worked with either WordPress or multiple authors to a blog before. So a few things:

It seems a few people have tried to access the site, and they are sent to the WordPress main page. I don’t know if that is because the blog was being modified or what. So if that happens, try again. Of course, if that happens, you won’t be reading this anyway.

To post: Please post! This is not like the discussion boards on Blackboard. You are not graded and no one cares about spelling, grammar or whatever, or at least I don’t. It’s a BLOG. Have fun. But you have to be registered with WordPress to do it. And I believe then I have to add you to the author list. Here are some steps:

  • Register
  • email me
  • log in at WordPress
  • click on “my dashboard” and choose this blog from your list
  • click “write”
  • write whatever you like
  • choose a category and click “publish” or “save”

Your post will be added to the top of the blog page. Don’t sweat it, if you don’t like what you wrote, you can edit it.To comment: You can comment without being registered. You have to provide a name and email address (don’t have to use your full name, and the email address is not displayed). Just click “add a comment”.



1. DrumPhil - August 23, 2006

If I go to lisstlouis.wordpress.com, I get to this blog. But if I log in at WordPress.com, I cannot navigate from there to this blog. The “My Account” and “My Dashboard” tabs just put me on a screen saying that I do not have a blog set up.

2. L Wolfe - August 23, 2006

I added you as an author now: it should work now, but let me know if it doesn’t. To others: if you register at WordPress, be sure to email me with the email address you used to register and I can then add you to the author list for the blog.

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