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LIS Success Kit August 24, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Job Stuff, Student Stuff.
  • Succeeding in library school: MLS Success from alum Joy Moll. (scroll down to 8-1-05 posting)
  • Book list for interview prep from SLA blog.
  • Ten Rules for the New Librarians from Michael Stephens.
  • Skills for the 21st Century Librarian.


1. DrumPhil - August 24, 2006

Joy’s tips for MLS success are great! When I met Joy, I thought she was outgoing. It is interesting that she describes herself as an introvert who has developed a public extroverted side. I can identify with that!

I would add one thing for succeeding in MLS school — interact personally with your instructors. Almost all MLS teachers are or were librarians. By nature, they want to help you. Talk to them. Share your interests and experiences. They might even give you job opportunities, and they are well-connected in the local library community. On a practical note, a teacher who knows you personally might give more credit when grading your papers, because they have a better feel for what you know but forgot to include in the paper.

2. DrumPhil - August 24, 2006

The “skills for 21st century librarian” post is also good. However, the part about not getting technology training in MLS school does not apply to Mizzou. It would be hard to get enough credits to graduate the Mizzou program without taking some technology classes!

3. L Wolfe - August 24, 2006

I agree. There are several interesting and useful tech classes. One I wholeheartedly recommend is the Intro to Digital Communications class. I think every librarian, even those not very interested in the tech side should take it.

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