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Appalling (or lacking) customer service August 29, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Library Stuff.

Here’s an example from a drugstore you see on every corner.  You know the one; the automatic door has prominent signs that say, “AUTOMATIC DOOR: KEEP MOVING.”  So I did–keep moving–or at least I tried to.  But the door did not.  The security officer, standing RIGHT NEXT to the the door checking something on his cell, said, “door’s broke.”  I can think of several other better ways to handle this situation for customers.  He was standing there anyway, why not in front of the door?  How about a sign across the security barrier?  Anything else, really.  I mean, it didn’t make me mad–just amused at the ridiculousness of it.  It isn’t an extreme example, but these sorts of things happen at our libraries every day.  It’s easy to forget that patrons are not always familiar or comfortable with our environment.   In fact many are very intimidated.  I would like to hear examples of good and/or bad customer service at their library.



1. DrumPhil - August 31, 2006

I find it interesting to juxtapose this posting against the “Banned Books Week” concept. To me, the whole message of Banned Books Week is, “Hey, some overzealous idiots out there made some really bad decisions. Let’s rub their noses in it!” Now, if I am wearing a shirt that insults someone else, am I really conveying a message that I care about customer service? Or will patrons think, “Gee, do they have stupid patron questions week, too?”

2. heyheypaula - August 31, 2006

That’s an interesting take. FWIW, I’m not sure that wearing these in a public library is entirely appropriate…it would be wrong to make people who challenge books to feel like they have to face a hostile environment to do so. Outside of the realm of the library, in my non-library, personal world…that’s when I would wear something like this, more because I think people should be aware of exactly what books have been banned/are being challenged, and also because maybe someone would ask me about the whole challenged books process at libraries, or it would spark conversation, etc. Sometimes I get so caught up in my views, I forget about being kind to other views, even if they are opposite my own. That’s no good either. 🙂

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