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St. Louis Saturday September 7, 2006

Posted by Stephanie McReynolds in FYI.

The first St. Louis Saturday was a lot of fun. We had a great discussion and enjoyed meeting new students. 

So, join your fellow students, coworkers, and alums this Saturday, September 9 at 10:00 am at the St. Louis Bread Co. in Brentwood Square for good food and a great discussion!
Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be a current student to join us.
The topic is Digital Libraries. Perhaps you have a favorite digital library or simply have an opinion about digital libraries.
The article we will be discussing is available through the MU Library database Library Literature and Information Science Full Text.

Coyle, Karen. “One Word: Digital”.  The Journal of Academic Librarianship 32 no2 205-7 Mr 2006.

We look forward to seeing you.

St. Louis LISGSA Committee

Stephanie Hood

Amy Pennington
Shannon Delaware



1. DrumPhil - September 7, 2006

The article is interesting. The author notes various reasons for digitizing text: research, reading, preservation, etc. Sometimes it seems that a person will argue for digitization for one purpose (say, preservation), and then use the other purposes (reading or research) to support the argument. This author points out that material digitized for one purpose might not be very suitable for other uses, thus negating those cross-functional arguments.

2. Amy - September 8, 2006

I would highly recommend the Digital Libraries class (all online) that Dr. Kochtanek teaches, if any of you are pondering taking it. You really only touch the tip of the iceburg with what is covered in that class, but it does give you a nice overview of the concept of Digital Libraries. You look at a lot of examples of different types of Digital Libraries, attempt to figure out what the heck a Digital Library actually is, learn a bit about the technologies involved, and talk a lot about the possibilities for the future. Highly recommended if you’re interested, and to be perfectly honest, you SHOULD be interested because this is, to some extent, the future of libraries (all types).

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