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About Job Postings September 12, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Job Stuff.

I will post local job opportunities that I hear about that may not be as available as those on local public library websites, for instance. For public library job opportunities, see the following links:

St. Louis Public Library
St. Louis County Library
St. Charles Library District
Kirkwood Public Library
University City Public Library
Jefferson County Library

I picked up some of these links browsing the MLC, and while many of these small public libraries don’t have an employment page, Webster Groves Public Library has a Talking About Books blog, and Richmond Heights Memorial Library has a Teen Cyber Cafe.



1. heyheypaula - September 14, 2006

I do get some national job postings, if anyone wants to leave St Louis, and I’d be happy to pass them along. For those who are interested in special libraries, one benefit of joining the SLA is an automated job agent that runs searches every week to your specifications, and emails the result to you. What could be easier?

2. DrumPhil - September 15, 2006

You all should visit http://www.lisjob.com. There you can see a page of job search resources for each state. And you can search current postings, such as by keyword search on state names.

At least it is a way to keep current on the library job market.

3. lcwk86 - September 16, 2006

Thanks DrumPhil, I forget to check that regularly, but this is the correct link šŸ™‚lisjobs.com. They also have a feed: http://lisjobs.com/rss.asp

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