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Subscribing to Blogs September 15, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Blog stuff, Techie Stuff.

Blog Posts vs. Blog Comments
A very wise and experienced computer person (that was surfing our blog) pointed out that comments did not show up in her Bloglines feed. Good point! The administrators of the blog get a notification email of comments. Other users either have to browse and click on the comments links on each post, or they can subscribe to the comments feed with their favorite RSS aggregator . To do this, you can click on the comments feed button to the right of the blog page. The URL from the address bar is what you need to subscribe.

RSS Aggregators
I use Bloglines, a free online service for my aggregator. You can access from any computer/internet, unfortunately. After you sign up, find a blog you like, copy the URL of the feed and go back to bloglines. Log in, hit “subscribe” and there will be a field to paste your URL in. Then there may be choices of “feeds”. Just pick one that is for the posts or any one if you don’t know. You can always unsubscribe. Then visit bloglines, log in, and go to “my feeds”. Your chosen blog will be listed there. When you click on it, the new posts (which will probably be about a weeks worth the first time, it normally updates every day) will be listed in the right hand area of your browser. You can read them all there, or click on each one to visit the blog. You can “clip” the post to save it in your clippings folder, or email it to someone. This is not the only way to subscribe to a blog through Bloglines as many have RSS or FEED buttons on the site and choices to subscribe to Bloglines. In addition, Firefox has an extension that you can add a button easily click and subscribe to a blog.

Warning… VERY dangerous–too easy.

Another great Firefox addon is Perfomancing, a useful little blog editor that works within Firefox. There is a icon you click at the bottom of your screen to post to your blog. You can browse sites and open and close the blog editor as you go. Doesn’t work for comments, or anyway I haven’t figured it out.


1. heyheypaula - September 16, 2006

Yes, very dangerous! I use the browser Opera, which has a built-in email client and RSS aggregator, all in one program. It’s especially good for those who have wide-aspect monitors, because then you can see everything at once, so you spend more time than ever online! There should be an aggregator out there to suit everyone’s needs. The website/community SourceForge is a great resource for finding open-source, restriction-free software of all kinds, for all platforms. Google it and see!

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