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Class Comments September 19, 2006

Posted by drumphil in Class Stuff.

Okay, so this could be a dangerous topic to discuss in a public forum, but I was wondering if people would be willing to share comments about classes they have taken. Public bashing of teachers or classes is not prudent, of course. (Besides, all SISLT instructors are great, right?) But perhaps we could share helpful comments in a positive light, such as which class(es) would be recommended for school-library or academic-library students.

I was wondering, for example, if anyone has done an independent study class. If so, how did you arrange it with the prof., and determine the content and evaluation plan? Was it worth the effort?



1. heyheypaula - September 19, 2006

I thought maybe lcwk86 had taken one and it sounded like it was a good experience. I’d ask how that worked out as a STL student as opposed to a Columbia student. It’s hard to describe classes at times because I find everyone has different expectations about what a post-graduate class should be like. I’ve had classes I really liked that others thought were way too much work. I’ve had classes where I couldn’t believe I was getting graduate credit for the class, but others loved. So I’ll say this: my favorite non-required classes to date were Dr. K’s Digital Libraries and Dr. Raber’s Intellectual Freedom and its Discontents.

2. lcwk86 - September 19, 2006

You are right hhp, I did do an independent study. My idea was to design a small digital library to prepare for my practicum at SLAM in which I would be digitizing the annual reports and/or bulletins. I contacted Paul Turner and Chris Amelung, both Zone instructors, as well as my advisor, Denice Adkins. Through a series of emails, it was decided that Paul would take on the class with Chris and Denice in approval. I communicated with Paul through IM (I use iChat), email, and my online journal. I highly recommend the experience, but it is what you make it. If you are like most of the self starting, over achieving librarians-to-be I have met in the program, go for it…!
Link to the project
One more note: Paul teaches the Intro to Digital Media class, very fun!

3. sj - September 20, 2006

I’m glad you brought this up, lcwk86. I was just thinking this would be a great forum to “compare notes” about classes. Here are two of my favorites.

Babies in the Library–This is a 1 credit hour class that is a lot of fun! Although I do not plan on going into youth services, I thought it would be a good idea to get a glimpse of the library from a youth services perspective. We focused on programs from birth to 6 months and I learned a lot.

Special Libraries–Great class! In St. Louis it is only offered in the summer. Each week the class visits 2 different libraries and gets the inside story on what that particular librarian does each day as well as how the library functions within the organization. Before taking this class I thought my options were limited to public or academic libraries, now I’m considering special libraries as a nontraditional career path.

Ok. Now I would like some advice. I am filling out that required form for classes I intend to take in order to complete my degree. It turns out that I cannot get the Media Zone Certificate, but I am interested in taking at least one more Zone class. I am taking Intro to Web Development this semester. What other class would you (anyone who is reading this) recommend?

Also, I think I may have to choose between Digitial Libraries and Freedom and Its Discontents. Or I could take both and not take another Zone class. Any thoughts?

4. sj - September 20, 2006

Oops. I meant thanks drumphil for bringing this up! (Can anyone tell me how to edit the comments after they have been posted?)

5. lcwk86 - September 20, 2006

Hmm… you may not have been logged in when you posted your comment. If you log in first at WordPress and then comment, an “edit” link will appear right after the comment date. If you are commenting and not sure you are logged in, it will ask you for your name and email if you are not, and if you are, it will appear below the comment box like this:

Logged in as lcwk86 Logout

You might try logging in and go to your dashboard to see if you can edit. If not, don’t worry about it 🙂

6. lcwk86 - September 20, 2006

Oops! So far as the classes…
I recommend Intro to Digital Communication as a Zone class. Very important and up to date information for any lis person. It covers all sorts of interesting stuff from email to VoIP. Or you might just take Advanced Web Dev. or Intro to Digital Media.

7. heyheypaula - September 20, 2006

Zone classes are interesting. The postitive is that there is plenty of help, all you have to do is ask! If you know little about a topic, it is a great place to start learning, for example, HTML, or digital media, etc. The key to these classes usefulness is to make sure to challenge yourself along the way, and afterwards. I’ve seen some people get out of these classes and not be able to apply their skills in “real life”. The key is practice, and practice well. I’m currently taking Flash and its a lot of fun. I guess what classes you take kind of depends on what you want to do after. I don’t want to work in a public library, so classes focusing on that area aren’t for me.

8. heyheypaula - September 20, 2006

I liked Internet Reference, also. I learned about search engines and techniques I really didn’t know existed, and the skills transfer well to a corporate library setting as well.

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