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SLA St. Louis Metro Area Chapter Blog September 21, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in FYI.

Our very own St. Louis Metro Area Chapter of SLA has a new blog. In tune with last night’s Career Workshop & Networking Reception, there some great posts with career resources. Be sure to subscribe to the feed. And while you’re at it, SLA has a very low student membership rate. You don’t want to miss great events like last nights workshop–although non-members are always welcome.

St. Louis Metro Area Chapter-SLA



1. heyheypaula - September 21, 2006

It isn’t a big investment, and in many ways I have gotton more out of my SLA membership than any other one. The job search tools on the national website are priceless, and another great thing is being on the local SLA mailing list. Not only does it keep you in tune with topics that effect special libraries, but it also gives you a chance to really know who the special librarians are out there, and learn from their experiences. For anyone who thinks they might have any interest in being a special librarian, ever, this is totally worth it!

2. sj - September 27, 2006

Joining SLA is totally worth it. They have great programs and really do welcome students!

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