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Are you going to MLA? Blog it! October 3, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in All the LAs.

Please post or comment if you are attending. We would like to hear your thoughts…



1. liblady - October 5, 2006

Two really interesting speakers yesterday. If you want to stay excited by the possibilities and opportunities, along with the challenges there is no better speaker than Stephen Abram (he opened the conference). If you missed the talk check out his blog, Stephen’s Lighthouse. The other speaker I enjoyed was David Freeman on gaming. It was a wonderful follow-up to Abram’s talk.

2. lcwk86 - October 5, 2006

I also subscribe to Stehpen’s blog Stephen’s Lighthouse and second the recommendation. I will keep it in mind to hear him speak in future.

3. Joy Weese Moll - October 8, 2006

I blogged MLA:

Great conference! It will be in St. Louis in 2008.

4. heyheypaula - October 9, 2006

Thanks Joy! This is really great for those of us who wanted to go, but were trapped by piles of papers and projects in our cubicles. I’ll look forward to reading all about it.

5. DrumPhil - October 9, 2006

Say, LibLady, do you have any links or references for David Freeman? I may be doing some research on gaming in my practicum, and could use leads.

6. heyheypaula - October 9, 2006

Hey, Drumphil, can you say what sort of research you’ve got going on? You just piqued my interest, is all.

7. liblady - October 10, 2006

DrumPhil asked for contact for David Freeman (guy at MLA that talked about gaming). He is on the the Staff of Springfield-Greene County Library.

8. DrumPhil - October 26, 2006

Thanks for the contacts folks. I was asking because Webster, where I am practicing, is adding coursework on gaming study. So I might be putting together a resource list for that subject area.

Sorry my reply took so long. Things have been crazy lately.

9. lcwk86 - October 26, 2006

Other links about gaming in libraries, it has been crazy lately, so I am responding way late too!
Tame The Web
David Lee King
The Shifted Librarian
School Library Journal
Library Success Wiki
Gaming Target article

10. heyheypaula - October 27, 2006

Thank you for posting these links. I’m looking forward to reading more on this topic in the future.

11. lcwk86 - October 29, 2006

Tame the Web post on a book just on this subject.

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