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Job Opportunities at Washington University November 14, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Job Stuff.
  • Reference Librarian/Instruction and Outreach Coordinator
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Writer/Editor
  • Reference/Subject Librarian for Art & Architecture
  • Associate Director of Access Services
  • Film and Media Digital Archivist
  • Film & Media Cataloging & Preservation Archivist
  • Consumer Health and Outreach Librarian

Apply by going to Job Site
Then click Seach Postings/Apply (on the right)
Enter “Library” as in the “department” field and click “search”

Some require an MLS, others do not.



1. apenningster - November 14, 2006

Just to clarify, three of the jobs listed above (Administrative Coordinator, Associate Director of Access Services, and Consumer Health and Outreach Librarian) are at the Medical School Library. The rest are at Olin (well, the film archive ones are actually at West Campus). I’m happy to answer any Wash U questions if anyone has them…

2. apenningster - November 14, 2006

Sorry, the rest (okay, just the Ref Lib/Inst. & Outreach Coord. and Writer/Editor) are at Olin except for the Reference/Subject Librarian for Art & Architecture which is, of course, at the brand spanking new Art & Architecture Library!

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