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Netflix and Amazon: Doing it right December 10, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Library Stuff.

I asked a patron at our library self-check if he was doing ok. He said, “Yes, doing great-I love this service! Go online, request the books, come in and check them out.” Had it not been for my question, this patron would not have had any contact with a human in the library at all. And he likes it that way. I am totally with him on that-I love ordering stuff online. Of course, it doesn’t replace an actual shopping trip in which you can examine the merchandise. But on the other hand, I have often been in a store and decided I needed more information before making a purchase, information I would be getting online. I read this great post about “library delivery 2.0.” Amazon and Netflix do have it right. I like the idea of saving a list of movies that I have picked out after reading reviews, etc. I use my wish list on Amazon. I save things in my cart. I check stuff on Listmania. And I really enjoy free shipping. Sorry, but I do that and more. I want all this at the library, too. What we already have IS great. But it always could be better.

More on this topic from Tame the Web.



1. Jenny Parsons - December 11, 2006

Interesting. Does anyone here think that libraries could have delivery services, like Amazon and Netflix– that is, take the self-checkout one step furthur, where patrons don’t even have to leave the house? I imagine this could be useful for older or disabled patrons who have a hard time leaving home.

2. sezed - December 11, 2006

We’ve already seen OPACs with pictures of the books, reviews etc. The municipal system lets you save books in lists but that is only good if the system has ordered the book you want. I wonder how long until some major library system parters with Amazon to offer the content through an OPAC and provide patrons with a button to buy the book through Amazon. Amazon wants to reach the readers of America who tend to use libraries. Surely there would be some sales from people tired of waiting for a book. Then the library would get a kickback from that sale. It would also help Amazon break into the mass book selling business to libraries which currently use different vendors.

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