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Searchmash December 11, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Techie Stuff.

Although I believe the site was launched back in October, I just checked out Google’s new project Searchmash. But hey, tis the time for it when classes are over. I liked the collapsible menu list on the right consisting of images, blogs, wikipedia, and videos. This list could always change depending on the hot new media. Also great, the way you could choose basic links or detailed links. Still missing, a feature I enjoy on Clusty, a subject list that groups results. I read that you could reorder your results, but couldn’t figure that out (?). I did see that moving the mouse over the green link on each result, you can click to redo your search on just that URL. Google is very smart to test out new features on a site that is non-Googled and ask for feedback. That way, users won’t be complaining about stuff that is new and different on the Google site, and hopefully the comments won’t be influenced by the Google name. Of course, let’s be real here: how many Searchmash users are unaware of the Google connection? I would think most users checking it out are experienced searchers, librarians, IT people: your basic geek crowd. Now don’t be offended-geeks are cool.

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