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Trackback: Fall Semester December 14, 2006

Posted by heyheypaula in Class Stuff.

Now that one more semester is behind us, it might be fun to highlight the best parts of fall classes.  Did you have favorite classes, parts of classes, or assignments? What parts made the biggest impression on you?  What parts were the most useful for your career or personal development?


1. julia - December 17, 2006

This paraphrases a response to one of my questions on my reference final. I haven’t worked in a library and I was in a Google/Wikipedia rut for researching answers to questions. My reference class gave me opportunities to learn about lots of new sources for information. I never knew about all those databases St. Louis County Library had. It came in handy for researching Consumer Reports recommendations for washers, dryers and mattresses this weekend.

2. heyheypaula - December 18, 2006

I was very happy to see classes offered that stesss analytical thinking, like Intellectual Freedom. It certainly helped me think about all sides of an issue, and that I forget about tolerance and its role in libraries. Seems like a degree like this should have offerings in both theory and practice so this is great opportunity to do both.

3. Phil - December 18, 2006

I did my practicum this fall (at Webster U.), and it was great! I had a blast helping students at the reference desk and getting real-world feedback on the skills and tools we’re learning. (Kept me so busy that I was absent from lisstlouis. Sorry about that.) The hard part now will be going back to class for another year before I’m done!

4. julia - December 18, 2006

I forgot about my copyright class. It was extremely informative and probably should be required for this program.

5. heyheypaula - December 18, 2006

I think my biggest disappointment, and hopefully this doesn’t ruffle any feathers, was cataloging. Not through any fault of the instructor, who knows a great deal on this subject. MU should have secured storage space before moving this class to UMSL. We didn’t have the same level of hands on instruction in this class because we didn’t have access to the mounds and mounds of books that usually are used in this class. I’m sure some folks did okay anyway, but it was a semester long struggle for me, and despite the hours upon hours I spent in this class, I’m still crossing my fingers for a passing grade. There were other great elements to this course, but I kind of regret that I didn’t get to take it under optimal condistions.

6. lcwk86 - December 18, 2006

Welcome back, Phil! 🙂

7. Phil - December 20, 2006

Glad to be back, LW.
Hey (hey) Paula, I wonder if Karen R. could do something about the storage problem for cataloging class material at UMSL? Having the mounds of books there was crucial to the success of the class — which I thought was a great class when I took it.
I really think a good cataloging class is crucial to the value of the MLS. Learning how controlled-vocabulary subject headings work is the primary difference (of several) between the value of a library and a Google search.

8. heyheypaula - December 20, 2006

I understand that it will be a better situation for the spring semester, I think they’ve wrangled something up. So that’s good. 🙂 Too bad it didn’t happen earlier.

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