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Librarianship a “get-ahead” career for 2007! January 2, 2007

Posted by apenningster in Library Stuff.

An interesting article appeared in USNews.com a few weeks ago about careers in 2007, and librarianship was listed as one of the best! 

From the article:

“In its Best Careers 2007 guide, U.S. News has sifted through trends in the economy and the workplace and has identified 25 professions that will be in growing demand as baby boomers age, the Internet becomes ubiquitous, and Americans seek richer, simpler lives. All of the jobs offer a great mix of pay, status, and quality of life. “

The link below is for the general article, and click on the ‘librarians’ link within the text to get to the librarian-specific part.  It includes a part on “A day in the life” of a librarian as well as an article by James Billington of LC.



1. heyheypaula - January 2, 2007

What’s interesting, also, is the “career table” on this website that ranks jobs by various factors. Librarianship gets a “C” for job market outlook, but gets an A on Quality of Life. The Prestige category is a B, the Attainablity category is a C. The US Median Income is $49,708, but in Missouri it’s just over $50K. I would guess it would be hard to grade for job market outlook, since it varies widely by area and type of librarian.

2. DrumPhil - January 2, 2007

On the salary scale, almost every city listed had a salary above the national average. That means that jobs in smaller towns must be bringing the average down.

3. julia - January 4, 2007

Here’s a good article from the WSJ’s Career Journal touching on the same subject:

I love it when my decision to change careers is validated.

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