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LIS Job Posting January 15, 2007

Posted by L Wolfe in Job Stuff.

Job Title: Library and Institutional Development Specialist
Organization: Hi-Tech Charities
Location: St. Louis, Missouri,

Responsibilities: The Library and Fundraising Specialist (fundraising
training will be provided where necessary) for Hi-Tech Charities (HTC)
will be responsible for establishing and overseeing the implementation
of HTC library infrastructure for new college level educational
programming; the research and development of the library and
corporation funding needs and resources through varieties of
fundraising, funding resources development, donor drive and grant
writing; stocking the physical and online library with appropriate
collections; and the development and implementation of online course
delivery information system connected with other central
inter-institutional exchange. The library and Fundraising Specialist
will implement library resources development and fundraising as well as
support online learning and distance education and train staff,
students and volunteers on the use of the library resources. Other
functions include:
• Works with community and philanthropic community to develop endowment for the Library and for the corporation.
• Develop the Library to research library level, supporting all levels
of academic studies and research, maintain efficient library databases.
• Implement comprehensive fundraising and grant writing in support of the operations of the organization.
• Arrange meetings and visits for funding opportunities for the staff,
the Board of Directors and volunteers of Hi-Tech Charities.
• Create and send letters of inquiry to foundations and corporate funders.
• Interface with board members, Employers and community partners to seek ways to enrich the library and corporate resources.
• Participate in library association and fundraising associations activities.
• Assist with other functions and special projects as directed

Application Information:Required Skills: To be
successful in this position, the following attributes are required:
• Library and fundraising organizational and management skills.
* Expert in building library and fundraising volunteers.
• Expertise in design and management of library and corporate endowment
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, and s Savvy with
computer and Internet capabilities.
• A high interpersonal skills to interact effectively with the
philanthropic community
• Effective motivational and organizational skills.
• The ability to set goals and work independently and in collaboration
with other towards achieving library and corporate resources
development objectives.
Education and Experience: The successful candidate will possess a
minimum of a Master’s Degree in any field of study but with a minimum
of five years experience in library development and management.
Previous fundraising and grant writing experience is not required but
the candidate must be a quick learner able to learn fast and attain
professionalism with weeks or months of assuming position – in-house
and external conference and workshop training will be provided. He or
she must have extensive contacts and build up even more in the funding
community including corporate and government decision-makers.
Reporting: The Library and Fundraising Specialist reports to the
President of HTC. Contact – Interested candidates will forward their
resume and three reference or recommendation letters to:
fonukwue12@aol.com; or francis.onukwue@hitechcharities.org, or fax
their resume at: 314-382-1660 or call Francis Onukwue at: 314-389-5737
Ext 111.



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