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MOBIUS’ 1st Annual Student Paper Competition January 23, 2007

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MOBIUS Annual Conference
2007 Student Paper Competition

Sponsored by the MOBIUS Consortium Office

The MOBIUS Student Paper Competition offers MLS graduate students an opportunity to practice and improve both written and verbal communication skills. Throughout a librarian’s career, s/he will be constantly called upon to communicate ideas to others. Researching, writing, and presenting a paper provides a student with invaluable early experience in expressing ideas related to the profession.

1. The entrant must be a graduate student at an ALA accredited library school.
2. An entrant may collaborate writing a paper with additional students, all who must meet the above criteria. However one student must be designated as the primary author and, if chosen as the finalist, will present the paper at the annual conference.

Number of Entries
1. Each student may submit up to two entries on substantially different topics.
2. The finalist shall have thirty (30) minutes allotted for the oral presentation and fifteen (15) minutes for questions from the audience.
3. The finalist must attend the Conference and present his or her paper in the regular conference program, no substitutes will be permitted

Subject Matter
1. The conference theme is MOBIUS 2.0; Designing our Future.
2. The primary audience is composed of academic librarians and paraprofessionals.
3. Papers may be written on one or more of the following tracks:

  • Administration
  • Acquisitions
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Collection Management
  • Digitization
  • Instruction
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • Periodicals
  • Reference
  • Special Collections
  • Technical Service
  • Technology

4. The audience level should be designated as one of the following:

  • A = Awareness sessions provide basic information on a topic
  • SB = Skill building sessions go beyond awareness to develop skills of participants on a topic
  • DU = Deeper understanding sessions offer in-depth and advanced information on a topic

5. Papers should cover technical, management, or societal aspects related to the areas with which the author is familiar, either from courses, summer work, or other similar experiences.

Manuscript guidelines
1. All papers must be typewritten, double spaced on one side only of eight and one- half by eleven inch paper.
2. The pages of the paper must be numbered consecutively. The Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Tables, and Diagrams may not exceed 10 pages while the above sections with the Appendices may not exceed 15 pages.
3. The contents of paper shall be organized as follows:
Removable cover page (The judges must handle the papers without knowledge of the identity of the author or their school. The title, name of the author, school name, and their current address must be shown on a cover page which can be removed. No identifying information shall be placed on the other pages of the paper.)

  • Title Page
  • Abstract or summary page (no longer than 100 words)
  • Introduction describing background, purpose and scope
  • Discussion that provides a technical description with analysis support
  • Conclusion
  • Illustrations
  • References

4. Four copies should be submitted to the following address:
MOBIUS Consortium Office
Annual Conference 2007
Student Paper Competition
3212 A LeMone Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201

Paper submission must be received by the MOBIUS Consortium Office on or before March 31, 2007.

The Review Process
Entries will be judged on technical merit, structure (abstract, introduction, methods, analysis, results, conclusion and references), clarity of composition and originality.

The Finalist
The finalist will receive complimentary conference registration, social function tickets, and hotel accommodations for up to two nights; but must pay their own transportation and meal costs. The finalist must attend the Conference and present their paper in the regular conference program – no substitutes will be permitted.

For additional information contact the MOBIUS Consortium Office:
MOBIUS Consortium Office
3212A LeMone Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201
Telephone: 573-882-7233
Facsimile: 573-884-3395
Email or Website

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