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LIS Job Posting: Contract Position February 10, 2007

Posted by L Wolfe in Job Stuff.

Job Title: Taxonomy Developer
Organization: Library Associates
Location: (Telecommute)

Library Associates seeks for immediate consideration a Taxonomy Developer for a contract position of an anticipated duration of about two months with full-time hours. The project is slated to begin in March and end in May.

Project & Purpose of Position
As part of a project to launch a new version of an internal news and information website, our client — a large natural resources firm — intends to improve keyword meta-tagging of each article they create for their intranet. It is currently estimated that there are 4,000 articles in existence. Keywords will function both to improve search results and provide accurate “related article” results associated with each article they publish.

Primary Responsibilities
* Reviewing our initial work in developing a taxonomy.
* Reviewing existing content and becoming sufficiently familiar with BP’s organization and culture.
* Creating a cohesive, consistent, comprehensive, and practically usable keyword taxonomy.
* Going our archives and accurately tagging each exsiting article.
* Creating a set of easy-to-understand and usable guidelines for helping editors in selecting and applying keywords going forward.

* Our ideal candidate for this position will have specialized knowledge of the standard technology and practices behind creating this sort of keyword-based functionality of a news-based website.
* The candidate would ideally have a background in library science, with experience in information taxonomies, indexing or related ares of information structure, classification, and retrieval.
* Candidate must be familiar with websites and intranets, and understand the basic model and typical function of a news-based website.
* Experience with basic PC and Internet technology is required.
* The ability to work well in a virtual environment, to show a very high degree of customer service, to demonstrate reliability, professionalism and an excellent work product that serves the needs of the end users are a must.
* This is a full-time contract position.
* Telecommuting is acceptable for this position, but requires that candidate, if hired, would be available during regular business hours Monday through Friday for the duration of the project.
* Telecommuting employee must have own computer, Internet access, and preferaby high-speed Internet service.
* Candidate must successfully pass background check prior to employment.

Application Information:
* Candidates interested in being considered for this position should submit their resume and cover letter to Keith Gurtzweiler
* We promote Equal Employment Opportunities.

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