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Articles of interest April 5, 2007

Posted by sezed in Library Stuff.

At St. Louis Public library there were a couple of articles posted on the intranet about chronic homelessness in the nation and the impact on libraries.  The director of the SLPL  wrote the following;   “Written by the retired assistant director at Salt Lake City Public Library, it is an examination of issues concerning the chronically homeless population in libraries across the nation.  The general opinion was that the article is thoughtful, revealing and substantive – in contrast to the sensational or even reckless jabs at the issue we often see.  Many of the issues raised will be familiar to you, as will the people involved. It first appeared on a newsblog, and then as an article in the LA Times.  Below I have posted the addresses of both the shorter version from the Times and the longer blog version.  The article also resulted in a piece on NPR, and I’m told a former SLPL staff member called in to comment as part of the program.  I haven’t heard it personally but a number of people have commented on it and you may find it interesting as well.  I’ve included an address for the NPR segment.  These are all lengthy, so if you are interested you will need to fit them around your work responsibilities or look at them at home.”




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