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“Technotrash” April 12, 2007

Posted by heyheypaula in Fun Stuff, Library Stuff, Techie Stuff.

Talk about a word made for the 21st century!  In many communities, public libraries make patrons aware of issues and trends.  Whether it’s new books, or programming and information catered to a community’s interest, public libraries have a unique ability to lead the way.  In many public libraries, I see recycling bins for paper, or entire displays related to how an individual can be “greener”.  I have even seen libraries set up containers for plastic bag recycling and ink jet cartridge recycling!  I came across the website for a company called “GreenDisk”, which provides affordable ways to easily dispose of “technotrash”.  At issue is some of the chemicals and elements which are part of the manufacturing process of computer and technical equipment.  For a fee, this company sends a box which can be filled with any electronics waste that can fit in a box, and the fee includes shipping and secure disposal of items like cartridges, CDs, broken or replaced computer parts like drives, sound and video cards, etc.  This made me think that a library could educate its community through a display or a week event what they can do to better their own community.  Either through a service like this, or local organizations that re-use or dispose of computer waste, libraries could put in action a trend that would be good for its patron base and beyond.



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