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Senate passes copyright bill September 26, 2008

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While many people were preparing for the debate on Friday, the Senate swiftly passed an intellectual property bill, entitled the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act, that would create a new executive level position to oversee the enforcement of copyright.  Among other things, this legislation would allow federal and local law enforcement to receive federal funds to fight copyright violations.  The bill will now be routed to the House for a vote.  See the links below for full story. 

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In honor of banned books week… September 26, 2008

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If you thought challenged books were a thing of the past, think again!  In honor of banned books week beginning tomorrow, I thought I might take a minute to discuss the ongoing book challenge currently being waged in the St. Louis County Library system.

Some time late last year a local mother found what she deemed as sexually suggestive and explicit materials in the YA section of the Daniel Boone branch.  These books, included among others, Growing Up Gay in America by Jason R. Rich, The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality, and Some Like It Hot by Zoey Dean.  Believing them to be too mature for the YA section, she not only petitioned the library to have them moved to the adult section, but also contacted the county council in an attempt to have them identified as obscene.  According to The School Library Journal, the mother even went so far as to create a “fake” display of the materials and post it online as though it was library created.  Ultimately, the county council found that the books in question did not violate obscenity laws and the library has removed one book from the YA section.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the mother has most recently joined up with a local chapter of Citizens Against Pornography to request that the County Library establish an adult advisory committee to screen new library acquisitions.  In addition to this, the group is requesting that the library set up some type of system in which parents must approve the circulation of any objectionable materials to their children, that the library develop a rating system for books, and finally that the books in question be moved to the adult section.

In response, the County Library has agreed to hold a meeting on September 29, 2008 to discuss the complaints filed by Citizens Against Pornography.  Reaction from the public has been predominately in favor of the library and ALA believes that historical legislation protecting the first amendment will be on the library’s side.

STLtoday has posted some excerpts from the books if you are interested in checking them out.

Revision Note:  This post incorrectly listed that after the 2007 incident no books were removed from the YA section.  In fact, one book “Growing up Gay in America” was removed and placed in the adult section.  My apologies for the error.


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LIS Events Calendar: October September 24, 2008

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Below is a list of events relating to LIS that are coming up in October.  If you have any additions please feel free to add them in the comments or post them!

Missouri Library Association Conference
October 1-3, 2008
Millennium Hotel, St. Louis, MO

LISGSA – First Friday Happy Hour
October 3, 2008
Schlafly Tap Room, 2100 Locust Street (at 21st), St. Louis, MO 63103

SLA – The Year in Web Searching: News, Updates, and Changes at Google, Yahoo!, Live and More
October 8, 2008

LISGSA – LIS Trends Discussion Group
October 15, 2008
Nadoz in Brentwood, #12 the Boulevard
Topic: Environmental Sustainability in Libraries

Web 2.0 Software and the Embeddable Web
October 22, 2008

LISGSA STL – St. Louis Saturday
Courses & Coffee
October 25, 2008
Nadoz in Brentwood, #12 the Boulevard

STL LIS Job Roundup – Public September 22, 2008

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As promised, here is a roundup of available jobs in the public library sector. I’m still working on a special libraries roundup as well, so I’ll get that out soon too! As always, if I missed something, please feel free to comment or post!

Library Clerk/Page
Jefferson County Library

Library Assistant 1
St. Charles City-County Public Library

Library Page
St. Charles City-County Public Library

Branch Manager (Regional)
St. Louis Public Library

St. Louis Public Library

Manager of Acquisitions and Collection Development
St. Louis Public Library

Regional Youth Services Librarian
St. Louis Public Library

Youth Services Provider
St. Louis Public Library

More St. Louis Public Positions

Assistant Branch Manager
St. Louis County Library – Hazelwood

Assistant Branch Manager
St. Louis County Library – Florissant

Branch Manager
St. Louis County Library – St. Ann

More St. Louis County Positions

SISLT LIS Trends Recap September 19, 2008

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For those of you who missed it, the SISLT LIS trends addressed a pretty important topic this month, legislative issues that affect libraries.  Specifically we looked at how CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) affected library processes and what it ultimately means for the librarian.

Just as background, CIPA was a bill introduced by Senator John McCain (1999) that attempted to limit children’s exposure to pornography and explicit material through the use of internet filters, or a similar technology.  Though the use of filters is not mandatory for any libraries, the bill successfully tied monies, known as E-rate monies or discounts, with its implementation.  Therefore, any public or school institution that would like to receive these discounts would need to install some type of internet filter that would effectively limit the ability to view explicit sites.

After reading the article, CIPA:  Decisions, Implementations, and Impacts by Jaeger, et. al. many individuals at the Trends discussion were concerned by the fact that though CIPA allows adults to request the filter to be turned off, there is no law stating when, or even if, libraries must comply.  This act also states that requests to turn off filters must be justified as bona-fide research or for other lawful purposes.  This essentially means that if a request is made for a filter to be turned off, a librarian has the right to ask for the purpose and ultimately determine its research validity.

Though everyone at the Trends discussion agreed that protecting children from explicit materials was immensely important, many wondered at the effectiveness of these filters.  We all have heard of instances in which filters have blocked completely acceptable websites for no apparent reason.  What effect this has upon the availability of information for students and adults who regularly use internet-filtered computers has therefore become a topic of much debate.


Children’s Internet Protection Act. accessible at: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d106:s.00097:

Jaeger, P.T., McClure, C.R., Bertot, J.C., & Langa, L. L. (2005). CIPA: Decisions, implementation, and impacts. Public Libraries, 44(2): 105-109.

Happy Birthday Dewey Drinks! September 18, 2008

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Dewey Drinks is celebrating its first birthday tonight (7pm) at Luckett’s Lounge at 4616 Delmar.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Dewey Drinks crowd, they aren’t limited to just librarians, they welcome all bibliophiles to hang out, make new connections, and talk books (though that last part might be optional).

For more information, check out their myspace page.

STL LIS Job Roundup – Academic September 17, 2008

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Okay everyone!  Here is a recent roundup of active academic searches in the field of LIS in the St. Louis area.  If I miss any that you know of, feel free to post or comment.  I hope to post a list of additional field searches shortly!

Library Coordinator of Technical Services
Harris-Stowe State University

Library Associate
St. Louis University

Library Operations Associate
University of Illinois, Edwardsville (Alton Location)

Assistant Director, Information Technology, MOBIUS
University of Missouri, Columbia

Library Information Specialist
University of Missouri, Columbia

Japanese Catalog Librarian/Subject Librarian
Washington University in St. Louis

Clinical Librarian
Washington University in St. Louis

Senior Cataloging Librarian
Washington University in St. Louis

Cataloging Assistant
Washington University in St. Louis

Art/Modern Graphic History Library Assistant
Washington University in St. Louis

Earth & Planetary Sciences Library Assistant
Washington University in St. Louis

Mini Golf in the Library? September 15, 2008

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So I don’t know how many of our readers also read the blog The Shifted Librarian (if you don’t you should definitely check it out), but Jenny has an interesting post about how some libraries have experimented with mini golfing in the library with pretty good success in terms of both patron turnout and funds raised from the event.

After reading the post, I was most struck by the fact that they charge library patrons to participate.  I understand that the point of the event was to raise money, but it seems out of place during a time when many libraries throughout the country are currently hosting game nights, “Dance, Dance Revolution” parties, and a host of other events for free simply as outreach intiatives.

What are you thoughts?  Does mini golf have a place in the library?

Are you for mini golf in the library?

1) Yes
2) No

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Make your own poll

SISLT LIS Trends Discussion September 15, 2008

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Come discuss current  library Issues with other St. Louis LIS students, alumni, faculty, and their families.

Please RSVP by September 16th to Anne Williams (aewvx4@mizzou.edu).

When: Wednesday, September 17th at 6 pm

Where: Nadoz at The Boulevard in Brentwood
12 The Boulevard St Louis
Richmond Heights, MO 63117

Who: All SISLT students, alumni, and  faculty

This month we will be discussing legislative issues that may affect libraries. If you have a chance, please review one or both of the following articles to help get the discussion going. The articles can be accessed in Full-text through the Library Literature and Information Full Text Database.

Pike, G. (2007). The Patriot Act illuminated. Information Today, 24(5): 17-18.

Jaeger, P.T., McClure, C.R., Bertot, J.C., & Langa, L. L. (2005). CIPA: Decisions, implementation, and impacts. Public Libraries, 44(2): 105-109.

Please contact Anne Williams with any questions at aewvx4@mizzou.edu.

We hope to see you!

St. Louis LISGSA Committee
Christina Pryor (cnpryor@gmail.com)
Laura Samnee (llcn65@mizzou.edu)
Anne Williams (aewvx4@mizzou.edu)

P.S. Concerned about traffic? Check out traffic.com to get a heads-up on congestion, or take Metro! Check out metrostl.org to plan your route

Had time to play around with Google Chrome? September 12, 2008

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It has been well over a week now since the new Google Chrome web browser was officially launched.  My initial reaction has been very positive.  It seems quite a bit faster than IE or Firefox and the look is clean and simple.  I also really like the visual representation of the most visited sites.

Some of Chrome’s features are similar to other browsers in that it incorporates a safe browsing and instant bookmarking function.

I haven’t had the chance to play around with the newer features of incognito browsing (Chrome not storing information on the websites you are visiting) and the application shortcuts (creating application shortcuts that open in a  special window designed for web applications) .

Has anyone had time to test out the new browser?  What are your thoughts?  Are you still with it or have you returned to the trusty Firefox or IE?