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SISLT LIS Trends Discussion September 15, 2008

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Come discuss current  library Issues with other St. Louis LIS students, alumni, faculty, and their families.

Please RSVP by September 16th to Anne Williams (aewvx4@mizzou.edu).

When: Wednesday, September 17th at 6 pm

Where: Nadoz at The Boulevard in Brentwood
12 The Boulevard St Louis
Richmond Heights, MO 63117

Who: All SISLT students, alumni, and  faculty

This month we will be discussing legislative issues that may affect libraries. If you have a chance, please review one or both of the following articles to help get the discussion going. The articles can be accessed in Full-text through the Library Literature and Information Full Text Database.

Pike, G. (2007). The Patriot Act illuminated. Information Today, 24(5): 17-18.

Jaeger, P.T., McClure, C.R., Bertot, J.C., & Langa, L. L. (2005). CIPA: Decisions, implementation, and impacts. Public Libraries, 44(2): 105-109.

Please contact Anne Williams with any questions at aewvx4@mizzou.edu.

We hope to see you!

St. Louis LISGSA Committee
Christina Pryor (cnpryor@gmail.com)
Laura Samnee (llcn65@mizzou.edu)
Anne Williams (aewvx4@mizzou.edu)

P.S. Concerned about traffic? Check out traffic.com to get a heads-up on congestion, or take Metro! Check out metrostl.org to plan your route



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