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MLA 2008: Beyond Library Learning 2.0, Library Learning 2.1 October 1, 2008

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The second breakout session I made it to was presented by Bobbi Newman from the Missouri River Regional Library (MRRL).  She already has her presentation up on her blog, so be sure to check it out if you are interested.

Bobbi’s presentation explained the execution and lessons of implementing “a program to teach people about social tools through the use of social tools”.  This essentially meant that MRRL staff members were given the option to participate in a learning program that would work to foster a greater level of comfortability with web programs by putting them into use.  

MRRL’s first entry into this type of web education, based upon the work completed by the The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, was appropriately named Library Learning 2.0.  This version of the program lasted 3 months, covered 29 areas (topics were released all at once), and all participants were required to keep a blog of their findings.  Participants were also rewarded at completion of the program with a mp3 player.  According to Bobbi, feedback on this program indicated that the areas were covered at too fast of a pace, that the many blogs were difficult to keep up with, and that many participants were overwhelmed by the large number of areas covered over the course of the program.  

Making adjustments, and changing the title of the program to Library Learning 2.1, Bobbi and staff:

  • extended the length of the program from 3 months to 10 or 11 (I think she said that they began in January, the last lesson will be posted at the end of October, and they have until the end of November to complete all topics),
  • had participants comment on the blog (instead of making their own),
  • did not release all lessons at once, instead created ‘microlessons’ that were posted once a week and could be completed in an hour,
  • kept the mp3 player as a reward for completing the program, but added a grand prize drawing for a digital camera.

The participant feedback from the revised web program has indicated success.  Many staff members felt they learned a lot, were more comfortable with the technology, and were able to share their knowledge with family, friends, and patrons.



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