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Astaroth, Yoshi & Commander Miranda Keyes: Game Night @ SLU Pius Library October 8, 2008

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Game Night

Game Night (image courtesy of Haroon Iqbal & Pius Library)

On September 18, SLU Pius XII Memorial Library hosted their second game night for students.  Haroon Iqbal, Technology Coordinator at SLU and coordinator of the event, was kind enough to fill us in on the game night beginnings and what all is involved in hosting a game night at the library.

1. How did game night come about at Pius and what did the library hope to accomplish by hosting this event?

We first thought of the idea of a game night at the library during the Library Christmas party. We played Guitar Hero during the party, and realized that this was a great way to attract students to the library. Based on positive feedback from library student workers, we decided that it would be something the students would love to have and things moved ahead from there.

By hosting this event at the library, our intent was to get students interested in the library as well as to promote it. Furthermore, we wanted to give the students a chance to relax.

2.  What was involved in setting up this event?

The set up was the easy part. We chose game consoles that we had access to and then selected some popular games on those consoles. Students were also encouraged to bring their own games, consoles, etc. The refreshments were provided by the library. We created some simple posters for the event and publicized it through word of mouth and Facebook. On the day of the event, we arrived an hour early and set up the equipment.

3. What kinds of games were played?  Was there a schedule of events?  Any prizes?

For the game night, we had games from many different genres ranging from racing games to board games. There was no set schedule as to what will be played when, but we had set up a station for each console and a table for board games. There were no prizes, and the whole night was very informal so it gave the place a relaxing atmosphere. The games that were extremely popular were Rock Band and Soul Calibur IV for the PS3, Halo 3 for the Xbox 360, and Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii.

4. What have been the results?  What has been the response from students?

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from students. The informal atmosphere was well received and since we publicized mainly through word of mouth and Facebook, we had groups of people show up who knew each other and got along well. There were no problems except that people were disappointed when the game night ended.

5. Do you have any tips for others who are considering instituting a game night?  Things that worked or didn’t work?

I would say get the word out early, do plenty of advertising (Facebook is great for publicity) and choose the date well.

And yes, they are planning to host another game night next semester!



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