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Mathematics and Information Literacy October 23, 2008

Posted by cynhudson in Innovation in Libraries, Library Stuff.

In the most recent issue of College and Research Libraries News Marsha Spiegelman and Richard Glass had an interesting article about how they integrated information literacy skills into mathematics courses at Nassau Community College.

Be sure to read the entire article for more information, but basically the information literacy assignments were structured so that students were asked questions that required research from different sources (websites, library databases, etc.), answers were placed on a course wiki and then student teams voted on the best answer.

The librarian, Marsha Spiegelman, conducted effective searching and website evaluation workshops for the assignments and was available to answer student questions.  Richard Glass, the instructor, provided mathematics instruction for the courses as well as some wiki instruction.

IL assignments were meant to be fun and engaging.  For example, “the calculus class played the Grateful Dead Scientists Game in which each had to research a scientist, create a course that one of them might teach, and then register for the course they would most want to take. The winner, as in academia, was the course with the greatest enrollment.” (Spiegelman and Glass, 2008).

In this one collaboration experience Glass and Spiegelman effectively integrated web 2.0 technologies, gaming, mathematics, and information literacy.



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