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STL Special Library Spotlight: Lifelong Learning July 5, 2009

Posted by Cynthia in Library Stuff.
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I continue to be struck by a comment the St. Louis College of Pharmacy presenter made: that pharmacists must be lifelong learners in order to succeed in their profession, and that one of the library’s goals was to teach students how to use research tools they’ll need for the rest of their lives.

This really could be said of all the libraries that we’ve visited. I expect most librarians would love all of their patrons to be lifelong learners, but it may be a bit closer to reality for special librarians. All of the medical field schools’ students must keep up on research in order to serve their patients. The Mercantile Library often serves train/transportation hobbyists and enthusiasts. The HOK Architectural Library and the Federal Reserve Bank Library’s patrons are architects and economists who must keep up to date on trends and data. Covenant Seminary’s library serves not only its students, but also the entire American Presbyterian Church community, and MLNC provides continuing education for librarians.

Having this specialized patron base doesn’t guarantee that patrons will automatically use the library as much as we might wish, but they should already have one foot in the proverbial door, since they know they need information on an ongoing basis. With good outreach, libraries can help form good lifelong learning habits.



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