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STL Special Library Spotlight: Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center July 16, 2009

Posted by Cynthia in Library Stuff.

On our recent visit to the Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center, we saw a rather forward-thinking look at history. The center houses a variety of materials, including books, maps, photographs, textiles, furnitures, equipment, and an archive. In a recent effort to get their materials where the people are (social networking sites, for example), instead of waiting around for the people to come to them, they have begun posting images on sites like Flickr and Pictopia (the librarian noted this decision was spurred by the Library of Congress’s success at the same task). Additionally, each of the 7 members of the library staff spend some of their time on digitization efforts.

While some materials have been digitized and are publicly accessible via their website, much of the collection is still “hidden.” An estimated 80% of materials in the general collection (books) have been cataloged online, while an estimated twenty percent (and this is a generous estimate) of the rest of the collection (non-book materials) are cataloged in their OPAC.

The library is part of the St. Louis Research Libraries Consortium (SLRLC), along with the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Saint Louis Art Museum libraries, and share a catalog.




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