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STL Special Libraries Spotlight: American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) July 21, 2009

Posted by Cynthia in Library Stuff.

A few other students have written about the Special Libraries class visit to the American Association of Orthodontists, so I won’t go into describing the library and it’s collection for you (see July 20 and July 21st posts for some great descriptions of this interesting library). What I am going to discuss instead is some of the great insight about librarianship that Jackie Hittner (the library services manager and our gracious host) shared with us while we were there. She was speaking to us as library students but I think the information might be interesting to other St. Louis librarians.

Jackie spoke about the importance of joining professional organizations, the help they can provide and the connections they can help you make. She talked about the importance of showing the value of your library to the institution it’s housed in and gave us links to calculators that can help a library put their services and collections into tangible values that non-librarians can understand. And finally, she talked about the importance of caring about your work, your patrons and your library and how that makes the difference when times get hard in libraries (as they do…and I’m sure currently are).

I talk about what Jackie told us, not because she was the only one to share such information, but because it made me think about how much we as students get from meeting librarians with experience in the profession. The librarians we’ve met this summer have shared with us more than their library space and information about their collections, they’ve shared their experiences and knowledge and for me as a student that’s been the most valuable part of this class!



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