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As information professionals, it is important that we familiarize ourselves with current technology, especially online communication tools.

A blog is an excellent online communication tool that can be used by one or many to share thoughts and ideas.

This blog is for the purpose of increasing communication between the library and information students and alumni in the St. Louis area. It is not meant to replace any existing “official” means of communication, nor used as a method of bashing any “powers that be.”

Rules for the lisstlouis blog*

  • respect yourself
  • respect others
  • respect the space

*from Michael Stephens at Tame the Web

To Participate:

  • Set up a free account on WordPress
  • Email me when you have done that (indicating the email you used)
  • I will add you as an author and email you back
  • Post away!


1. lcwk86 - August 21, 2006

You can also post comments without an account, but email is required. It may also be deleted or moderated by the administrator.

2. DrumPhil - September 15, 2006

Okay, I think I have a WordPress account, and have posted comments on several threads. Now I’m ready to start a new thread, but can’t figure out how. Any help?

3. lcwk86 - September 15, 2006

Thanks for asking this question. I don’t think it’s obvious how to do it. First, you have to have an account and be are added as an author on this blog, both of which is true for you. To post or “start a new thread” as we call it on Blackboard…

*Go to WordPress main page and log in
*Under the welcome message, “Welcome back, DrumPhil.”, you should see a link to the blog (lisstlouis)
*This link should take you to your “dashboard”
*Look for “Write” in the button bar or “Write a post” under the “Use these links to get started”
*You can use the wysiwyg or html editor
*Click save and publish when done, and don’t worry—as the author you can always edit your post

Note: If you have a computer that keeps you logged in, the dashboard may appear at the top of the blog as a strip of blue with some links and drop down menus. Also, sometimes you are automatically directed to the blog’s main page when logging in from WordPress. Just look for the dashboard and that should take you to where you can write a post.

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