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Tour of the Digitization Center at SLU’s Pius XII Memorial Library this Saturday! October 8, 2007

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Special LISGSA St. Louis Saturday Event

Tour of the Digitization Center at SLU’s Pius XII Memorial Library

10 am Saturday, October 13th
Meet at the coffee shop right inside the door of the library at 10 am

Saint Louis University
Pius XII Memorial Library
3650 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108
Campus map and parking information:
Also, there should be ample street parking on Lindell that morning but you will need to pay the meter.

Please let me know if you plan on attending just so I know to watch for you before we begin our tour!

Hope to see you there!

Library and Information Science Graduate Student Association

Christina Pryor (cnpryor@gmail.com)

Anna Kwiatkowski (avkfh7@mizzou.edu)

Britne Rockwell (britnerockwell@gmail.com)


LISGSA St. Louis LIS Trends 9/26! September 23, 2007

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LIS Trends Discussion Group

5:30 pm Wednesday, September 26th

Kayak’s Coffee
276 N. Skinker St. Louis, MO 63130
Web site: http://www.kayakscoffee.com/
MetroLink stop: Skinker

September’s Topic:
Digitization Projects and Libraries

These articles provide overviews of digitization projects, explanations of the jargon as well as considerations that should be taken into account when developing a digitization initiative.

Dames, Matthew K., and Jill Hurst-Wahl. “Digitizing 101.” Library Journal (2007): 2-4. Library Literature and Information Full Text. HW Wilson.

Eileen Mathias (2004, January). Anatomy of a Digitization Project. Library Journal, 129(1), S2-S7. Retrieved September 20, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 534988971).

Feel free to bring other articles, notes, readings, questions, etc. that you may have.

Hope to see you there!

Library & Information Science Graduate Student Association
 Christina Pryor (cnpryor@gmail.com)
 Anna Kwiatkowski (avkfh7@mizzou.edu)
 Britne Rockwell ( britnerockwell@gmail.com)


Blog for Academic Librarians April 10, 2007

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The Kept-Up Academic Librarian  is a blog devoted to “news and developments in higher education.”  There are some fantastic entries for anyone who has an interest in this subject, or who would like to be an academic librarian.

Wireless Wiki April 8, 2007

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Bill Drew posted this to the ALA LITA discussion list:

 Wireless Networking in Libraries – Webjunction Works. This is an ever-evolving collection of resources on wireless technology in libraries.  Mr. Drew invites participation in making this wiki a great resource.  Check it out!

Librarians that Blog December 28, 2006

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Check out this article in the NY Times.

New Administrator December 21, 2006

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We have a new administrator for the blog!  Chris Pryor has volunteered to join us.  Thanks Chris, and welcome!

Subscribing to Blogs September 15, 2006

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Blog Posts vs. Blog Comments
A very wise and experienced computer person (that was surfing our blog) pointed out that comments did not show up in her Bloglines feed. Good point! The administrators of the blog get a notification email of comments. Other users either have to browse and click on the comments links on each post, or they can subscribe to the comments feed with their favorite RSS aggregator . To do this, you can click on the comments feed button to the right of the blog page. The URL from the address bar is what you need to subscribe.

RSS Aggregators
I use Bloglines, a free online service for my aggregator. You can access from any computer/internet, unfortunately. After you sign up, find a blog you like, copy the URL of the feed and go back to bloglines. Log in, hit “subscribe” and there will be a field to paste your URL in. Then there may be choices of “feeds”. Just pick one that is for the posts or any one if you don’t know. You can always unsubscribe. Then visit bloglines, log in, and go to “my feeds”. Your chosen blog will be listed there. When you click on it, the new posts (which will probably be about a weeks worth the first time, it normally updates every day) will be listed in the right hand area of your browser. You can read them all there, or click on each one to visit the blog. You can “clip” the post to save it in your clippings folder, or email it to someone. This is not the only way to subscribe to a blog through Bloglines as many have RSS or FEED buttons on the site and choices to subscribe to Bloglines. In addition, Firefox has an extension that you can add a button easily click and subscribe to a blog.

Warning… VERY dangerous–too easy.

Another great Firefox addon is Perfomancing, a useful little blog editor that works within Firefox. There is a icon you click at the bottom of your screen to post to your blog. You can browse sites and open and close the blog editor as you go. Doesn’t work for comments, or anyway I haven’t figured it out.

Writing a Post September 15, 2006

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Check out the comments on the About page. Here is a screenshot of what the WordPress dashboard looks like.  Keep in mind it will look different than yours (less choices) , as I am an administrator and most likely you are an author.


Since this blog thing is a new sort of thing… September 14, 2006

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There has been a lot of articles, both online and offline, written about best blogging practices. Many focus on blogging as it relates to your workplace and others in the context of being a student. Then there is the personal, journally sort of blog. I hope this blog will be used by both students and professionals, writing their personal thoughts about a variety of subjects.

Being information professionals, we should be sharing information as much as possible. I want to encourage a free and open discussion on this blog, but I also don’t want anyone to suffer unnecessary consequences for sharing their opinions on a public forum. While this blog is not exactly “out there”, it is available to anyone with an internet connection.

I knew this topic would come up (and hoped it would!) so on that note, here is a few links for you to consult while being a blog participant. YES PARTICIPATE. Yes I yelled.  🙂

How to Blog Safely
Blogging Without Getting Burned
And, not so seriously, or professionally:
How to Get Rich & Famous by Blogging at Work

Co-Administrator, yea! September 14, 2006

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Heyheypaula has agreed to be my co-administrator. We now have about 10 authors that have signed up and 7 subscribers. We are both hoping that the future will bring more participation and different voices as new students enter the program. Here’s hhp’s thoughts:

I just keep thinking that the more people to add to
the discussion, the better. We could develop a great
community of librarians and students down the line.

Great thinking…!