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St. Louis Library Tour March 8th March 1, 2008

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St. Louis Saturday Library Tour

Saturday, March 8th at 10 am
RSVP is required by March 7th. RSVP to Chris Pryor.

Special Event:
Tour of the Library and Digital Archives at the Missouri Historical Society

Our Guide:
Morgan R. Davis
Library & Research Center
Missouri History Museum

225 S. Skinker Blvd. (Map)
St. Louis, MO 63105
Tel: 314-746-4500
The Library Website

Join us for a private tour of the Research Library and Archives at the Missouri Historical Society. We will also discuss the library’s new Richard Gephardt Digital Collection.

We hope to see you there!

St. Louis LISGSA Committee
Christina Pryor (cnpryor@gmail.com)
Anna Kwiatkowski (avkfh7@mizzou.edu)

P.S. Concerned about traffic? Check out traffic.com to get a heads-up on congestion, or take Metro! Check out metrostl.org to plan your route.


Practicum opportunity (MOBIUS) June 3, 2007

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The MOBIUS Consortium Office has an opening for a Practicum Student.  The successful applicant will learn about Innovative Interfaces Inc. Millennium library system.  This is a unique opportunity to learn about managing several library systems that run on one server and operate in a linked multi-server environment.  At the end of this three credit practicum the student will have learned about hardware configuration in a consortium environment, Millennium software, be able to answer basic questions on a library system help desk, and run routine maintenance operations on the consortium servers.

Prerequisites:     7301 Introduction to Information Technology
Preference:     7334 Library Information Systems

Contact information:
Janine Gordon
MOBIUIS Consortium Office
3212A Lemone Industrial Blvd.
Columbia, MO  65211

Required courses–good or bad? December 18, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Class Stuff.

As you probably know, the list of core courses for an MA, emphasis in Library Science, has changed.  No longer required is the dreaded Research in Information Science & Learning Technologies.  Instead, instructors plan to incorporate research studies into other classes.  Also, students may take Organization of Information in lieu of Principles of Cataloging and Classification.  How do those of you that have taken these classes feel about this?  For me, Research Methods class was a painful experience, not all due to the subject matter. In spite of this, I can now differentiate between a reputable scientific study and “bad” research. I am also grateful for my cataloging class. Familiarizing yourself with LCSH lays a good foundation for successful catalog searching.

Trackback: Fall Semester December 14, 2006

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Now that one more semester is behind us, it might be fun to highlight the best parts of fall classes.  Did you have favorite classes, parts of classes, or assignments? What parts made the biggest impression on you?  What parts were the most useful for your career or personal development?

More about Blogging at Intro to IT December 8, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Class Stuff.

I was asked by my boss and mentor, Barb Knotts, to speak at the class about blogging along with Katie LaBarbera, SLPL’s Virtual Chat Librarian, who spoke about virtual reference. For those of you unfortunate enough to hear me speak, I have to say it was a vast improvement from past performances. Being without power actually helped–I couldn’t obsess and over prepare. However, as usual, I thought about all the things I wanted to say but didn’t so here goes:

First, I forgot to tell the class about how great Barb is. They probably already know that, having her as an instructor, but it can’t compare to working for her (or with her, as she makes it). Under her tutelage, I have learned so much about library culture, management, and technology. I cannot thank her enough for hiring me for the “regular” and not the 13 week position for which I applied because “you just won’t get enough experience.” Anyone who has the chance to work with her should jump at it immediately.

Now to blogging: I also left out why I started this blog in particular. Karen Robinson, another wonderful instructor in our program, mentioned in the Management of IA class that the relationships she formed with other students have been long lasting and important to her. With a distance learning program such as ours, time in class has been limited but very enjoyable. I could see that I would like to keep in contact with other students and alumni I have met. They are such a diverse and interesting group. Plus so supportive! I could also see a need to strengthen the St. Louis student community. Anyone who reads the listserv can see that at lot more seems to go on in Columbia, and the group seems closer. So anyway, thanks Karen, for that inspiration.

I’m sure there is a lot more I forgot, stuff I remembered on the way home but didn’t bother to write down since the only light waiting for me was candlelight. I was very impressed by the class, and found it so much fun to see all the new faces. How cool is that to have so many different types of people interested in library science? We need them all.

Blogging at Intro to IT! December 4, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Class Stuff.

Here are some files for students in Introduction to Information Technology class to download.  I will also post from the class, and students will be adding their portfolios or website links created for the class as a comment.  Check it out!

Blog Tools

Library Related Blogs

Comps: Trial by Fire? November 15, 2006

Posted by L Wolfe in Class Stuff.

For those of you that just passed your comprehensive exams (as I did)
For those of you that look forward to taking comps (or not), I have a few confessions, um, thoughts…

Since I had the week off from work, a very wise but not necessarily imperative move, I had plenty of time to procrastinate, er, work hard on my papers.  The first few days, friends and family were able to easily distract me with offers of outings.  And after working so many extra hours at work and practicum lately, I deserved it, right?  When I really got down to serious writing, I could still fit in the procrastination because, you know, I work best writing a while and then thinking (actually this is true).  However, it occurred to me that usually this thinking is done during the commute to and from work.  And no, although I considered it, I did not get in the car and just drive around for inspiration or clarity.  But, around the middle of the week, my self-inflicted doubt and pressure set off a mini meltdown.  A little breathing, mindless television, and it was fine.  After that, I didn’t take it so seriously and just got it done.  That would have to be the best advice I could offer.  Just get it done.  You are prepared, even if at times it doesn’t feel that way.  And if that doesn’t work, never underestimate the power of chocolate and caffeine. 

Any other survival stories?

It’s that time again! October 24, 2006

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No, no, not Halloween or colorful trees…I’m talking about class registration for spring.  This would be a great place to find out more about classes, sell or borrow textbooks, and other related discussion.

Practicum, anyone? October 3, 2006

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My practicum at the Richardson Memorial Library will soon be coming to a close. I have been digitizing bulletins and working with some very interesting stuff such as:

  • Software: Portfolio, Photoshop, eCopy, TMS, Acrobat professional
  • Hardware: two different scanners/copiers
  • Tiffs, pdfs, jpegs, OCRing

I am writing a manual for students to continue the project. Future goals will include copyright, establishing links between the bulletins and the objects in TMS, and providing access on the Intranet. For more information please email me (Lisa Wolfe) and I will put you in touch with my practicum supervisor, Marianne Cavanaugh.

Class Comments September 19, 2006

Posted by drumphil in Class Stuff.

Okay, so this could be a dangerous topic to discuss in a public forum, but I was wondering if people would be willing to share comments about classes they have taken. Public bashing of teachers or classes is not prudent, of course. (Besides, all SISLT instructors are great, right?) But perhaps we could share helpful comments in a positive light, such as which class(es) would be recommended for school-library or academic-library students.

I was wondering, for example, if anyone has done an independent study class. If so, how did you arrange it with the prof., and determine the content and evaluation plan? Was it worth the effort?